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Who is Adivina Biosciences?

The industrial hemp industry is quite young.  Challenges are numerous. Failure is common, and farmers face the greatest risks.   The quality of starting material is the main determinant of downstream profit / loss.   The Adivina Team is made up of plant scientists and experienced horticultural and micropropagation professionals working to produce highly reliable, reasonably priced, pathogen and virus/viroid free elite hemp stock and clones that reduce farmer risk, and maximize profitability.  But we don’t stop there. Our support team and in-house testing lab works with clients to ensure that nutrition, IPM, cultivation, etc. are properly dialed in and that harvests are timed to ensure compliance AND maximum production of desired cannabinoids.


Pathogen Indexed

All Adivina clones are routinely screened for pathogens and disease


Cloning from Elite Stock

Adivina’s elite stock aids in maintaining plant vigor and uniformity



In-vitro cultures are maintained in order to preserve quality genetics


Meristem Cultures

Adivina continues to produce clones from meristem in order to ensure superiority of our cultivars



Adivina is committed to producing sustainable hemp


Family Business

Adivina and our partner, Altman Plants, are family owned and operated

2020 Clone Availability

All clones are harvested from pathogen and virus/viroid free mother stock, rooted for two weeks, hardened for two weeks, and delivered to you in 72 cell trays ready for transplant.  

For a full listing of CLONES and SEEDS available for 2020, check out our catalog:

Janet's G


Proven CBG variety bred for high flower yields, superior trichome development, and disease and stress resistance.  

CBG Content: 11-15%
Planting Density: 2-3000 plants per acre
5′ centers
Terpene Profile: Alpha-Pinene, Myrcene, Limonene

Southern Cat Daddy


CBD smokable flower variety bred for compact sticky flower architecture, disease resistance, and accelerated flower to harvest time.

CBD Content: 7-14%
Planting Density: 2000 plants per acre
5′ centers
Terpene Profile: Alpha-Pinene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene



High CBD and resin producing variety bred for unique compact bushy structure.  Produces many large colas with tight internode spacing.

CBD Content: 7-18%
Planting Density: 2-2500 plants per acre
Spacing: 4-
5′ centers
Terpene Profile:  Pinene, Humulene, Bisabolol


T1 (CBD)

Stable CBD variety known for vigorous and robust growth, heat and cold tolerance, and compact cola structure.

CBD Content: 8-15%
Planting Density: 2000 plants per acre
5′ – 6′ centers
Terpene Profile: Humulene, Caryophyllene, Limonene

Wild Cherry


CBD smokable flower variety bred for compact sticky flower architecture, disease resistance, and accelerated flower to harvest time.

CBD Content: 8-15%
Planting Density: 2000 plants per acre
5′ x 4′ centers
Terpene Profile: Limonene, Myrcene


If your valuable genetics need rescued from virus, or you need inexpensive testing services for timing harvest, or you need onsite consultation, training, or design services for your greenhouse, indoor grow, or tissue culture facility, Dr. Hope Jones and Dr. Chris Pagliarulo are here to help. Just give us a call. 

GENETIC RESCUE:  Meristem culture to eliminate virus/viroid and reboot plant vigor.

GENETIC BANKING: Safe and secure cryogenic preservation of your most valuable genetics

CANNABINOID & PATHOGEN TESTING: Inexpensive services for screening your harvest. 

CULTIVATION CONSULTING:  Everything from SOPs, site visits, crew training, etc. We can help!

TC LAB TRAINING:  Improve productivity, cycle times, viability, protocols, etc. 

TC LAB DESIGN:  From 800 to 80,000 sqft, Dr. Jones can help you ramp your TC capacity.

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